Mt. Olympus Community Council

mo-mapThanks for your interest in learning about the Mt. Olympus community. We encourage you to get involved and help us make Mount Olympus and Millcreek Township the best it can be!

Spring is Here in Millcreek Canyon- Have fun hiking and biking in the canyon.  Please drive safely and watch for bicycles and pedestrians.  The road remains closed until July 1st at the winter gate.  At the closure, please keep your dogs on leash until you are up the trail away from the parking lot. On EVEN numbered days, dogs must remain on leash.  No mountain bikes on ODD days on the upper canyon trails. Remember to immediately pickup and remove all dog waste!  

Venture Out Movie Nights-  Get out on Friday nights for the Farmers' Market, activities, music and free movies!  

Prepare Fair- The Prepare Fair will be held May 3rd at Home Depot on 33rd South.  Come on down for lots of educational and interesting exhibits.  Food too!

Olympus Cove 'Neighborhood Watch'-  The Olympus Cove area is using to report suspicious activity or potential crimes in the neighborhood.  See details in the article below under 'News'.